Why Is Professional Translation Service Always Needed?

As we live in a global society where the border among the countries does not matter anymore and the technology can connect us everywhere, people need translation service more than before. There is a demand that keeps increasing every year and it is a good opportunity for freelance translators to offer their professional service. There is a free translation service that can be accessed online, why should you spend much money on professional service? This article will answer your question.QualityIt is the most important aspect that differentiates human translators from a machine translation technology. When you prioritize translation quality over the price of service, you should avoid using machine translation since there are so much backwards that will disappoint you. The money that you spend on the professional service always gives the best value for your business. Actually, this technology has been improved since 1950s, but there is no major change in the quality. Although it is improved so many times, it is not on par with professional translators in terms of quality. However, human translators can keep up with the speed of machine translation technology.Difference in Understanding TextProfessional translators work differently from machine translation technology. The difference lies on the way they understand a text and deliver message within the text completely and accurately without omitting any important information. A machine only understands the text literally as a simple text without understanding its meaning. A machine works as what it is programmed by the developer. It cannot understand the intention of a writer or the purpose of text. A professional translator can interpret the text more comprehensively and better. This difference can lead to translation quality that is much better.Issues of ConfidentialityA professional translator has a code of ethics that does not allow them to share the confidential information within a text. However, machine translation technology does not have code of ethics and it is programmed to memorize your text. When you use the translation software that is provided for free on the internet, your confidentiality is not important anymore. Therefore, you should entrust your important document to professional service providers that can keep your secret.It is your own choice to use professional service or software that is provided for free on the internet? However, every choice has its own consequences. When you hire a professional translator, you will get quality that you want, but it takes longer time until the job is completed. When you use machine translation technology, the job is done extremely fast, but it lacks of quality.